Colours of a clown

(teacher´s notes) updated: 2018

Songs for beginners

The Song: The clown in worksheet 2 and the song Colours of a clown on the CD/data medium should be used together when introducing the colours: Copy the coloured clown onto transparency (scan the page for projection on interactive whiteboard) and put it onto the overhead projector, but cover it completely with a sheet of paper.


Worksheet 2: Play the song and uncover the colours mentioned in the text by moving the paper slowly up until the head of the clown appears at the end of the song.

Show the clown again without music, point at the colours and make your pupils say them correctly. Sing the song again and allow the children to point at the different colours and sing along.


Alternative: Here´s another way to consolidate the new colours: Provide 12 big cards, one for each of the 12 different colours in the song (can be bought at the stationer´s). Hand out the cards and ask your pupils to stand up or come to the front of the class and show them ... 


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