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Songs for beginners

THE SONG:  Valentine´s Day is celebrated on February 14th. Especially young people send each other messages (Valentine cards, letters, e-mail etc.)and/or flowers  to say they are in love or that they like someone. At elementary school children  prefer to write a message to someone they like or love very much: Very often it´s their father or mother or one of their classmates. The drawing in the song text  (worksheet 1)  makes it clear what the words are all about.

To introduce the new words ("Send me a letter...") bring a letter with you and ask a child to put it into the ”letter box” (drawing on the board) , sit down and ask a child to mime writing a letter ("Drop me a line.."), hand out some  artificial roses  ("Send me some roses") that can be sent with a delivery boy and explain the word ”Valentine” by drawing a big heart on the board.

Say the first verse and make your pupils repeat it. Show the 14th of February on the calendar and say that this is Valentine´s Day. Play the song on the CD-PLAYER/computer and make the kids listen first without singing along. Stop the...


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