The Toddle

(teacher´s notes)

Songs for beginners

 THE SONG:  This is a song just for fun, to keep your pupils moving and to introduce the animals at the zoo (starting with the penguin). We don´t expect the children to learn all the verses by heart, but they have to listen carefully (listening comprehension) to understand the   singer´s instructions. It might be helpful to show the actions first before playing the song.  

Worksheet 1: The illustrations on the song sheet may help you and your pupils, too,  to understand what to do. You can also photocopy the illustrations onto overhead projector (OHP) transparency or scan the page for projection on interactive whiteboard (IW) and show them according to the song (no words!). The Toddle is a dance, so make the kids move through the classroom one behind the other waddling like penguins. Make them sing the refrain along with the singer. In verse three they turn to the left on the spot and snap their fingers, in verse 4 they turn to the right. In verse 5 they should touch the shoulders of the classmate in front of them so that they can move through the classroom like a long train (always waddling like penguins).

Worksheet 2: Cut out the picture of the zoo (cinema) and  ...........





worksheets 1+2