12 o'clock Rock



Songs for beginners 


THE SONG: Songs like 12 o ́clock-Rock (1-12)/ One, two, three, four (1-12), Have fun!(11-21)/ One, two, buckle my shoe (1-20) and Stop! (10-101) should be taught successively. It is easier to remember the numbers (1-100) when they are taught “all at one go”. Numbers give us the chance to play games like “Bingo” and – by the way – they give our students the feeling that they already know a lot of English words.


 IDEAS FOR TEACHING: This song makes learning numbers easy. Use a real clock or the cardboard clock from worksheet 2 (colour the numbers of big and little hand of clock). 

Then introduce the English numbers from 1-4: Show each full hour on the clock and say the time: It´s one o´clock/ It´s two o´clock/ etc. Make your pupils repeat the time/numbers correctly.

Write down the numbers and the words on the board and start the song so that the kids can sing along.

Stop the song after 4 o´clock (break) and introduce  ...









Worksheet 1
Worksheet 2