Songs for beginners

THE SONG:  "I'm lazy"  can be played just to have a break in your English lesson, when your pupils  get tired, but it might also make teaching much easier if you want to introduce "parts of the body" in a holistic way. Better than explaining the new  vocabulary e.g. by pictures is to use  the new words by singing along and by touching, feeling and moving the parts of their own body.

Three additional worksheets may help you to reach your lesson aims.


IDEAS FOR TEACHING:  Play the song to your pupils and show them what to do, so that they can imitate you.    (I´m lazy: Stretch your arms, but don´t yawn, because you´re not tired!) Before you start playing the first part of the song again, tell the children ...   

Alternatively you can copy worksheet 1 ...

Worksheet 2: It would be helpful to enlarge Robby Robot ...

Worksheet 3: Hand out the copies of the jigsaw puzzle ...




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Worksheet 1
Worksheet 2
Worksheet 3