The Beak

(teacher´s notes)

Songs for beginners

The Beak is an action song like The Toddle, but it was also written to start your pupils talking about animals on a farm. Before playing The Beak the first time it might be helpful to show the kids what do:

IDEAS FOR TEACHING: Play the song and make your pupils do all the actions required by the singer. 
It is easy - and fun - to sing the refrain. It´s not necessary to learn the whole song by heart. It might be helpful to copy the illustrations of the song (worksheet 1) onto ...

Worksheet 2: Cut out the picture of the farmyard and the cinema and stick them onto cardboard.
Cut out the ”cinema screen” and the slits as shown in the illustration. Then cut out the film strips, copy them onto OHP transparency and stick them together. 

Fix the ”cinema” onto the overhead projector  (OHP) ... etc. 

Worksheet 3:  Please do not forget to download sound files 3+4 (zip-file "The Beak")Please download sounds „On a farm , part A + part B“ !!!
    •    This is a matching exercise to combine sounds and pictures. Hand out photocopies of worksheet 3 to your pupils and start the sounds „On a farm A“.  Listen to ...






worksheets 1-3
Worksheet 1
Worksheet 2
Worksheet 3