Just do it!

Make your own song!


Just do it!

Warm up/creative writing

Lyrics & music:Karl-Heinz Böttcher  

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Just do it!

I´ve been waiting here all morning,

I´ve been waiting here all night.

She has gone without a warning.

Left the house, gone out of sight.


I have written her a letter.

I have called her on the phone.

It would make me feel ...

Refrain: Do it! Just do it!

              Do it! Right now! ...



Full text = Worksheet 1

© Lyrics and Music: Karl-Heinz Böttcher         





Infos für LehreR

dIDaktische Intention

  • Didactic song to emphasize text production in the warm-up phase.
  • Pupils write their own verses using given rhyme patterns.
  • recommended for use in classes 7-9.



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